Victors and Spoils


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I have a friend who lives in Dallas, Texas or somewhere like that, named Brian Levy.  He sends me about 50 fragments of cartoon ideas every week. Most of them are just interesting musings, a few have inspired me to cartoon ideas that I’ve actually used. This one was brilliant, I thought, and it came just in time for the opening of the Olympics. As you can see, Bigfoot (Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman) has won gold, the Loch Ness Monster snagged the silver, and Waldo must go home with Bronze because although he is very good at hiding, he has actually been found by millions of children on a fairly regular basis. In my opinion, he could take a lesson from Bigfoot.

Oddly enough, I have another friend who is the producer of the Spike TV show, “Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty.”  I suspect he’ll like this cartoon, too.

BIZARRO BOOMERANG: And now, from way back in 1995, comes this cartoon about another species that could well have won a medal in the hide-n-seek competition but did not compete in Sochi in protest of the Russian government’s medieval policies toward 10-24-95 AlienAppendix


30 thoughts on “Victors and Spoils

  1. I guess the Abominable Snowman and the knit cap on Waldo make it part of the winter games. (Nessy seems more like part of the Summer games.)

  2. Brian levy has an extraordinary sense of humor. His wit provides me with endless laughter.

    And what a terrific guy!

  3. I was kind of surprised that Educational Game Goddess Carmen Sandiego was not a solid contender… but the last I heard about her, she and Waldo had gotten married – in a VERY private ceremony.

    Also I didn’t recognize 2nd place as Nessie at first… thought it might have been the”Hidden Dragon” that used to work with the “Crowching Tiger”.

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  5. Bizarro Boomerang: didn’t I just see something similar in a TWILIGHT ZONE episode ? Two aliens, disguised to look like humans, but turns out one (from Venus?) had an extra hand and the other (from Mars?) had an extra eye in the centre of his forehead, hidden by his low soda jerk cap. Did you watch a lot of TWILIGHT ZONE episodes growing up?

  6. Your prehistarro gag reminds me of the recent Ham/Nye debate on evolution – vestigial organs always come up in the debate, and both Nye and Ham might have been interested to know that the appendix is not always without purpose.

    Actually, I wrote this comment for no other reason than to see if you are going to use the word “prehistarro” as yet another term for your archive of old jokes. Assuming you haven’t already. :-)

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