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I could swear I’ve done this gag before but I couldn’t find any evidence of it so here it is either again or for the first time.

I’ve always wondered why people ask a waiter which dish he/she likes better. Few things are as subjective as the way food tastes in one’s mouth.



bz 06-13-00 divorcePREZARROS: Here, from 2000, is an old favorite waiter gag of mine. Written in part from personal experience, not as a waiter but as a two-time divorcee.


8 thoughts on “Community Tastebuds

  1. Makes perfect sense to me, if you’ve never eaten there before. It does require some snap character judgment — if the person waiting on you looks like she’d rather eat kale and tofu than a big juicy steak, well, take it into consideration one way or the other.

    But when my son was overseas, he did this all the time: Go into a local restaurant and say to the waiter, “Bring me what you would have, fixed the way you’d want it.” That way he got past the same-old, same-old recommendations for tourists and was able to really try local food in places like Korea and Thailand. (Two places where it’s important to recognize that the waiter eats with a mouth that really likes hot food.)

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  3. That first one is great. I have been a dough roller for a chain pizza place for years. But I’ve been vegan even longer. And so many people call asking me what I like and what they should order. And every time I want to yell at them to read the damn menu and call back because I don’t eat anything here. How did you decide you wanted pizza but can’t land the plane from there?!

  4. If one had the whole enchilada that was the whole nine yards, they’d have things pretty well covered.

    When a waitress/waiter comes to the table, about 80-90% of the time they say “Hi, my name is _____ if you need anything.” What is their name if we don’t need anything?

  5. It’s funny because I read an article a couple of weeks ago and it was about asking what a waiter recommends. It brought a lot of insight. I never did it anyway.

  6. “I suppose because people have been brainwashed in the U.S. for so many decades to believe that smoking, or even pretending to, is the most dangerous thing any person can do…”

    “More doctors smoke brand X than any other brand… Does that mean that smoking brand X is a healthy choice?” – Dr. Fred Worth, Department of Mathematics, “Bad Use of Statistics and Polling”

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