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Bizarro is brought to you today by Where Jazz Pickles Go To Mate.


One enduring question of evolution is why sea creatures began slithering onto land. In the first cartoon of this post, I present my theory.






My second cartoon today is another of my Bigfoot renditions, of which I’ve done many. A few people have asked me what this one means, exactly. If you are one of those who are wondering, I would ask if you’ve ever tried to get a good picture of Bigfoot.

This is perhaps my favorite Bigfoot cartoon ever and it also has some nice background gags. Look up “lepus” if you’re not familiar with the word. And, I wouldn’t be your Grand Imperial Exalted Jazz Poobah if I didn’t mention that International Pickle Week is coming up sometime this year, though the Google God could not seem to tell me exactly when. Any Jazz Pickles who can provide this information will receive 75 bonus points.








My third cartoon is also about relationship friction. I have found that in hetero relationships, it is most often the female who is better at using words against the male, probably because males are oafish and tend to rely on their physical prowess to win arguments, and decent men don’t raise their fists against women. I hasten to add that these two relationship cartoons were not inspired by my current relationship with Olive Oyl, who has neither driven me out of the water nor used my words against me. Except for the time I said “I know a better way” after she had given me directions to a specific location, and my short cut ended up costing us more time. But that’s a given.


PREZARRO:bz 04-17-09BigFootWEB Back from the past like a foul burrito is this cartoon from 2009 in which Bigfoot explains how and why he exists. He should know, right?


39 thoughts on “Escape Photo Evidence Beer

  1. The closest I could come is National Pickle Day (November 14th), not a week and not international.

    So I’ll only accept 25 points.

  2. Evo-cartoons are always winners. I’ve always wondered about the period of time 100’s of thousands of years) between when a useful trait is just starting out and not any help, and the time when it is (wing, ears or other appendage). That’s a helluva long time to lug around something useless and not have it evolve away out of a lack of utility. A recent episode of Cosmos brilliantly (no pun intended, but I guess it is) explained the evoloution of the eye though, so there you go.

    Since our brains are becoming more externalized on our desktop and in our pockets, the movie “Idiocracy” may be prophetic.

  3. yer right about that PICKLE WEEK thing. i found an article dated 5/20/11 that said “today kicks off Pickle Week…), but 5/20/11 is a FRIDAY! what kinda week is that? and the oldy time photo you used sez may 22-31. where i come from, that’s MORE than a week! i’m afraid this “pickle week” dilemma will haunt me till my dying days! …or until may.


    International Pickle Week


    International Pickle Week is held over a 10-day period in America in May each year. (10 DAYS!?)

    It spans the American Memorial Day weekend, which is their start to summer.

    Various promotional activities are held. The town of Atkins, Arkansas, holds a World Champion Pickle Juice Drinking Contest during this week; other places hold Pickle Eating Contests.

    There are also educational sessions such as how to cook with pickles and pickle juice.

    The week is sponsored by Pickle Packers International, a trade association for the American pickle industry headquartered in Washington, DC

    History Notes

    International Pickle Week was started in 1948 by Pickle Packers International.

    There were located first in what is now the Chicago metropolian area — Oak Brook, DuPage County, then in the mid-1960s they were in St. Charles, Kane County. Illinois. In January 2005, they moved their headquarters to Washington DC .

    • Okay, DC, I’m giving you double bonus points for all of this research. You can see now why I said I was having a hard time figuring out when it is. There seems to be some conflicting information. Perhaps as The Grand Imperial Exalted Jazz Poobah, I should just issue a declaration.

  5. Looks like you are now counting the Pickle as a secret symbol (the Pickle Airlines logo) since I only count two symbols. If so, are there any bonus points for spotting that? (Or maybe there is a “K2” hidden in Bigfoot’s hair somewhere? It always reminds me of looking for “NINA” in Al Hirschfeld’s illustrations.)

    Also, International Pickle Week is apparently May 15-26 this year according to a couple of sources. Here’s one:

    • Yeah, I guess you’re right about the pickle becoming a secret symbol. That was actually an accident on my part but it’s probably high time I place it on the official list. By the way, my number above the signature is something of a tribute to Al Hirschfeld. He was a classic!

  6. Repeating Miranda Rights and skipping vows, on the Big Day….should be law!

    Much more loving, Godly and sane.

    Absolutely my “new favorite”, Dan!!!!

  7. I thoroughly encourage adding a Miranda Rights reading to the marriage vows for BOTH parties (yes, it even applies to ‘same sex’ marriages), as well as to all employment contracts (some of my most self-incriminating statements were made in the office). And while you’re at it, post it at all cashier stations – you wouldn’t believe some of the things I heard from the person ahead of me in line…

  8. I’m guessing the woman with the patch is being treated for lazy eye. In fact, her eye is so lazy it is over resting by the stack of napkins.

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