Bizarro Blondie

G’day, Jazz Pickles! This is a fun bonus post about today’s “Blondie” cartoon strip which mentions Bizarro. I love it when that happens!

For more Blondie cartoons, check out their site at Comics Kingdom. blondie


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11 Responses to Bizarro Blondie

  1. John Webster Frost says:

    JOIN, or DIE.

  2. Roger says:

    Take the suggestion. Maybe show Franklin drawing a chopped up snake for some other purpose, like a logo for the local butcher. Or have him drawing a chopped up other animal, with a caption that it was before he realized that a snake was a better metaphor.

    Then return the compliment. Maybe have a caption like “how the Blondie cartoonist got fired frum Subway” and show him making a ridiculously large sandwich.

  3. Jack Hawkins says:

    And another punch lands square in the face of the Tea Party! Good one.

  4. RL Marcum says:

    Hey! I was going to post that to you, but I was on my phone (which is apparently smarter than I am) & couldn’t figure out how. Kudos on the plug!

  5. I know I’m not the first to notice this but how did dumpy old Dagwood land such a hottie as Blondie?

  6. RobNoxious says:

    That’s Amazing! Very cool, man, very cool. Compared to Ben Franklin, too!

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