Vengeance Isolation Evil


bz panel 05-09-14bz strip 05-09-14bz panel 05-10-14bz strip 05-10-14Bizarro is brought to you today by Just Do It.

As I knew I would, I got more than a few questions about the meaning of this cartoon. Many seem to have assumed that the man to the left of the king is Christopher Columbus. He is not, he’s just a member of the court dressed the way those guys used to dress.

Though a bit shrouded, the concept behind this gag is simple: these guys are assuming that a tragedy is their god’s response to their tolerance of something they deem to be wicked, but which is actually a genetic feature of a percentage of the public. It is a matter of historical record that many people used to consider left-handedness to be wicked; a sign of the devil. Children with this proclivity were forced to learn to use their right hand so they would not be ostracized by their society. Sound familiar?

In my opinion, one of modern human society’s worst crimes is our attitude toward and treatment of people whose sexual wiring is not strictly heterosexual. If we don’t cause our own extinction first, there will most certainly come a time when people look back at the current day and cringe at the way we viewed homosexuality as archaic and superstitious. I hope I live to see it.




The next cartoon is fairly self-explanatory, so I’ll let you get back to what you were doing. But first, this.






VINTAGE JAZZ PICKLAGE: In 2006, I did another cartoon with the same motif. I’m still very proud of this one and encourage you to share it with any young people you know who are struggling with their sexual orientation. Or, just someone you think will find it funny. Bizarro-05-14-06GAYsm




28 thoughts on “Vengeance Isolation Evil

  1. The square-format version of today’s cartoon says “5-19-15” – are you planning on re-running it next year? (I know, I’m too picky for my own good.)

  2. Hmmmm…seems I used an attribute that I didn’t know was one, i.e. the left and right carets. I used them to enclose and denote an action, in this case “applauds loudly”.

  3. Dan, May the Spanish Inquisition find you in great health! Both the ’06 version and the’15 (1815 or 2015) are fantastic: however, the current version has artwork better than ANY cartoon I’ve seen in my 75 years as a fan and critic!

  4. I am of two minds over the two related comics; the added anachronism of having a circa-1400 king referring to a Roman god gave me a little extra giggle but I fear it will go over the heads of many whom it should be hitting in the face. The older one just works (and shows that you’re quite capable at doing a sequential strip to set up a joke). Meanwhile, the “out of cell range” cartoon reminds me that there are some iPhone users today who consider using an Android phone to be a sign of wickedness… The more things change…

    • Alluding to it in a different form makes it amusing. Coming right out and saying it often makes it preachy. In my opinion, preaching is the worst way to change anyone’s mind about anything.

  5. and this fact of being born that way is doubly true for transsexuals (NOT to be confused or substituted w/for transvestites, cross dressers or drag queens- the former 2 are fetishes/obsessions, the latter is performance/caricature)

  6. I still don’t get it. Is the king left-handed? Are some of his subjects or advisors? Were there left-handers on board the ship? There is no linkage between the ship sinking and the king’s statement.

    • When natural tragedies happen in the U.S., there are an astounding number of fundamentalist nitwits who believe that god is punishing us for legalizing gay marriage. I was alluding to the idea that this particular fictional king had not been hard enough on left-handed people in some way, so he assumes Neptune was punishing them.

  7. One of our batty UKIP councillors, here in the UK, blamed the devastating winter floods on the fact that we had legalised gay marriage!

  8. My mom was left handed and told us about the nuns beating her left hand when she tried to write with it (in the 1930s & 1940s). She ended up being able to write with either hand (and a devout Catholic, which I never understood after being treated like that).

    We used to have a neighbor that was born in the US and was very proud of being German. When her first child was favoring her left hand she would “correct” her and she once said that there are no left handed people in Germany. This was while my wife was eating dinner with her left hand. There may not be any observant people in Germany either:-) I found myself hoping that her daughter was left handed and gay.

    This was only 7 or 8 years ago so I’m guessing that extinction will come first.

  9. I have nothing at all against homosexuals. Another person’s sexual orientation is none of my business. In fact I’ll even go all the way to the edge and say I have nothing against individuals who are sexually attracted to even animals or children! (As long as they restrain themselves from harming a child or animal.) Just because I don’t necessarily share these individual’s orientation doesn’t mean I don’t respect their right to maintain their identity as a fellow human being! As long as they get along fine with others, it’s none of my business. Let the homosexuals be proud of who they are. For that matter, let the zoophiliacs and ephebophiliacs be proud of who they are. Unfortunately some in society will shun and persecute some of these groups. But when I see the sense of entitlement and the demands for preferential treatment by groups that are already accepted then that’s gone overboard. I thought it would be fair for homosexuals to have equal rights, but in some cases I see them demanding additional rights and privileges that heterosexuals don’t have. And some are just as obnoxious about it as the Religious Right are in the opposite direction – and they give the rest of them a bad name.

    Why should homosexuals get marriage acknowledgment from the government? The better question is why should anyone? Marriage is often considering more of a religious construct than a social one – so why should the government treat couples any differently than singles? Something to think about…

  10. I like the droopy drawers gag! The funniest thing about those kids is how they learn to walk so that their droopy pants stay up from around their ankles, with their knees flailing out to the sides like they do. Even funnier is when they finally mature into normal big boy pants but they maintain that same silly gait! I’m like, Dude, relax! Your pants are gonna stay up! Ah, the pay-back is great sometimes.

    • Fully agree – also, another fun-kick is watching them when they suddenly have hurry up and run, in attempts to catch a bus/train or something. Priceless!

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