Big Serpent Crash

bz panel 05-19-14bz strip 05-19-14bz panel 05-20-14bz strip 05-20-14Bizarro is brought to you today by The Last Delicious Thing You’ll Ever Eat.


I’m not a fan of people who abuse those in the service industry. As soon as I see someone being rude to a waitperson or counter clerk (unless that person was a jackass first) I write them off as insecure and of low moral standards. If you are that person, I hope the Head Waiter is right behind you.












Today’s cartoon is an amusing take on roadsigns and snakes, as you can see. If you don’t get this one, it is probably because you have never been on a road and/or never heard of a snake and are not familiar with their properties. I chose the name Brandon for this cartoon because I do not know even one person named Brandon. Not even my girlfriend, Olive Oyl’s, nephew whose name is Barney or Brett or Benson. Something like that.








PREHISTARROS: This delectable deli slice comes from 2001 and is also about children and their god-awful ways. bz 04-05-01 dummiesWEBThey’re lucky they’re cute, that’s all I can say.

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10 Responses to Big Serpent Crash

  1. Tim says:

    “You’re dating Olive Oyl’s nephew? And you don’t know her name?” asked the comma police.

  2. John Webster Frost says:

    crash & burn… we called it the “Marilyn Monroe” sign, when we were kids… I would have asked for the maître d’head…

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  4. Tom Almy says:

    I find the crash test dummy family trip hilarious, but I wonder if it is proper to laugh at their impending doom?

  5. rhhardin says:

    Curve signs start <a href=""straight up at the bottom.

    Futile highway signs from my vast rural collection
    Hidden Drive

  6. Greg Fitze says:

    Why did the snakes cross the road?…I’m too chicken to think about it…It begs for a punchline though.

  7. Pilar says:


    You birthed one hell of a quote;
    one that I am sure hurried right out of you rather than after nine months of labor!

    “Impending doom is a time-honored motif of comedy.” :^} -Dan Piraro


    The face of sincerity,

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