Dog Amputee Monster Dog


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Bizarro is brought to you today by Dung Beetle.

I’m on vacation this week and keeping my blog posts short!




Thursday’s cartoon: My dog would do this. No doubt.












Friday’s cartoon: My dog would not do this. Especially if the kid had snacks. She would shred homework, though, judging by the way she treats mail.













Saturday’s fare: My buddy Eric Scott thought of this pun. I like it and I like black beans.









BIZARRO FROM THE BLACK LAGOON: Here’s another example of dogs’ pesky habit of masticating the fruit of children’s sweat. (Which is illegal in 29 states.)bz001030DogsWEB


11 thoughts on “Dog Amputee Monster Dog

  1. Brilliant, as usual. Enjoy your loved ones…Hope nobody harsh your mellows. And as they used to say, “Don’t be too rad”…thanks for sharing with us, your fans, your fine sense of humor.

  2. I love the “Creature” cartoon! I also love black beans. Opening my kitchen cabinet, I just saw one of my cans of black beans bloated. Even though it’s not the “Pretty Good” brand, I’m still worried what to find once I open it. Has “my creature” EATEN the beans? — I “gas” I’ll take all my courage and my can opener in both hands and find out … pfffff …

  3. Good fiber optics. Has Eric lentil lot of puns? Think I’ve seen him. Drives a Pinto.

    Thank god almighty. Frijole at last.

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  6. Love the Spiders on a Plane cartoon!! How about a spider in the toll booth? –Or better yet, an army of spiders

    (answering their mating call) shuts down all the toll lanes on a major bridge!

  7. Hearing that you like your friend’s pun enough to make a comic of it I am encouraged to see one of my puns strikes your fancy enough to see it realized by your deft pen strokes.

    (gag omitted in case I decide to use it)

    Well, it was worth a shot.


    • Thanks for the gag idea, Ken. I’m not sure it would work well as a stand-alone cartoon but I’m going to sit on it a while and see if it hatches. :^}

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