Spider on a Plane


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Bizarro is brought to you today by My Invisible Friend.

I’m on vacation this week so I’m keeping my blog comments brief. I hope you more loyal Jazz Pickles will forgive me.

Here’s my cartoon for today.













Here’s a cartoon I did in 1998 that I thought you might like.


18 thoughts on “Spider on a Plane

  1. I’m curious about how long it took you to draw this cartoon. The detail is exquisite! I really like the “Easter Eggs” you put in along with the normal icons, including yourself. Thanks again for another great cartoon!

  2. Hej Mr. Piraro!

    As I look amused about the nice little details of the plane scene comic I get kinda jealous of the boy with the red eye shirt. Being a proud Jazz pickle and owner of each of the 2 former Bizarro-shirts, of course I’m looking forward to more of those. And although I like the kind of more complex style you chose for the shirts already I think WAY simpler designs would also do! Like just “the eye” of course. Or the piece of pie, the dynamite (which for any odd reason you did not put on the plane… hmmm…), the bird, the UFO. Could also be just black & white! :]



  3. It is surprising to see such insensitivity to tragedy in today’s comic. It would be less if it was funny or insightful, but it seems to be just poking at a fresh wound.

  4. Invisible friend? I don’t suppose you’re a fan of the Venezuelan band Los Amigos Invisibles? If not, you oughta be.

  5. In light of recent events in Ukraine, I thought your “Spider on a Plane’ was very distasteful. My husband and I were appalled when we opened our paper today and saw that cartoon. I don’t think the families of the 298 people who were murdered on an airplane last week would find it amusing.

    • I wrote and submitted that cartoon for publication six weeks before it appeared in the newspaper and thus had no way of knowing a plane crash was imminent.

  6. Dan:

    Can you/would you please give McKinney National Airport, a small airport located in the City of McKinney, Texas, permission to publish the Spider on the Plane cartoon in one issue of its weekly employee newsletter? We enjoy your cartoons and need to spead the laughter.

    Thank you,

    Kenneth F. Wiegand, Airport Director

    1500 E. Industrial Boulevard, Suite 201

    McKinney, Texas 75069

  7. Yes. Especially since that tragedy was created by a spider bite of an arachnophobic pirate. I would not be amused by anything after losing a loved one, even if it was unintentionally completely unrelated. So please. No cartoons about anything that might test my ability to stretch a comparison to unimaginable lengths to link it to any tragedy that might effect me or people I don’t know. Thanks. And be a little psychic in anticipation of any loose general negative association.

    Wow. Bizarro.

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