Spyware Neutering


bizarro 08-31-14 hedrWEB Bizarro 08-31-14 WEBBizarro is brought to you today by Invisible Man on Vacation.

As they say in my home state of Oklahoma, I went “hog-ass wild” on the art on today’s comic. Not only are there a whopping 10 secret symbols to look for, don’t miss the extra details I put in this one, or my toil will have been in vain. The reflections in the counter tops and floors, the nuanced positions of the characters as they record their every movement (bowels included?) with their smart phones, and the tiny image in the screen of the phone of the man in the foreground. I hope you enjoy it. If you will allow me to be even more immodest for a moment, I’d also like to say that I’m proud of this gag. (For a larger view, click any coffee mug.)




VINTAGE JAZZ PICKLAGE: From the vaults of my archival dungeon I offer you this fun little nothing from 1999. I still enjoy this gag and hope you will, too. Two of the dogs in this cartoon were mine at the time I drew this. The orange and white on on the couch (Steve), and the dark brown and white one on the blue chair (Bruno). biz18tsc WEB


13 thoughts on “Spyware Neutering

  1. Maybe it’s my age, but the gray haired ex-fighter pouring the coffee, without an apparent smart phone, caught my attention. A statement about ourselves perhaps. The old are now wage slaves while the young have shiny gadgets and can hang around coffee shops? I only found 9 of the ten symbols, ack! and the person selfing their other movements is the one belonging to the near-empty plate at the empty bar stool (pun intended?).
    The server seems to be right-handed, pouring with the right and watch and pen on the left.
    I was looking for details in the countertop reflections, but maybe you’re only pointing out the reflections themselves…
    Well Done! on the details. I like this kind of art.

  2. I especially like the expression on the guy pouring the coffee. I know that man!

    It took me forever to find that tenth secret symbol… for me, the fish tail eluded capture for the longest time.

  3. Just a reminder, as I promised — you should run your comic of July 16, 2001 with the space alien and its wise assessment of who’s in charge around politics as your vintage picklage on US election day (Nov 4?)

  4. And wow, how prescient you were to make a comic about excessive selfies show up just as excessive celebrity exposure via selfie has hit the news. You rock Dan.

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