Sins of Comedy

bz panel 09-11-13 volcanobz strip 09-11-13volcanoBizarro is brought to you today by Visions.

Here is another of my cartoons that points out the biological need for superstition in the human primate. I realize this is an unpopular view in America, but I intentionally don’t shy away from gags that may lose readers––just one of the many reasons I am not rich. Any one person’s personal beliefs, whether they are in traditional ideas of “god” or in the Flying Spaghetti Monster, are not my concern but when viewed from a rational position, they are rather hilarious. They also have a powerful effect on society as so many people worldwide make important decisions based on what they believe their own version of the “invisible magic person in the sky” wants them to do. When they believe their super hero is telling them to help the sick and poor it’s one thing, when they believe it wants them to fly planes into a building full of people (this is 9/11, after all), it’s quite another. And that skips all of the middle-range offenses that people use religion for: bigotry against various races, creeds, sexual orientations, etc.  Admirably, comedian Ricky Gervais has made a very public practice of poking fun at religion, but he waited until he was as rich as God to do it. (more…)

Animal Behavior

bz panel 09-10-13 flasherbz strip 09-10-13dummyBizarro is brought to you today by Anatomical Incorrectness.

“Flashing” ––the practice of being naked under a coat and briefly exposing one’s genitals to strangers––has been a popular hobby among people thus inclined for centuries. But do you remember the brief but stunning national fad of “streaking”? It happened in the early 1970s and entailed one or more people running stark naked (but for running shoes and occasionally a facial disguise) through a public event of some kind. This had long been an occasional activity on college campuses, but in the seventies it became what some people called an “epidemic”. Perhaps the most famous of these heinous displays of degeneracy was when someone ran naked across the stage of a live telecast of The Academy Awards in 1974. Actor David Niven was introducing Elizabeth Taylor when a guy named Robert Opel streaked naked across stage behind him. The most hysterical part of the whole streaking phenomenon was, of course, the effect it had on certain members of society who seemed certain that Western Civilization would come to an end if this kind of thing was allowed to continue. People actually got arrested and prosecuted. Talk about a victimless crime. (more…)


bz panel 09-09-13 dummybz strip 09-09-13dummyBizarro is brought to you today by Quiet Flight.

I had a terrific time this weekend in Santa Rosa where I did a comedy show at a private seminar, and in Sacramento where I did a comedy “talk” at my buddy’s restaurant, The Plum Cafe & Bakery. It was fun to meet some new Jazz Pickles. Thanks to all of those who came out to see me this weekend and especially to the Cowan family for popping out on Sunday and having lunch with me before the talk. (more…)

A Dry Heat

Bizarro 09-08-13 WEBBizarro 09-08-13 hedr WEB(To enlarginatize this image, click the firetrucks exterior pressure defibrillator mechanism.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Materialism.

This gag reminds me a bit of the comedy of George Carlin. I can almost hear him asking why a firetruck isn’t called a watertruck. Maybe I flatter myself.

This gag was very time consuming to draw and especially color, but I really enjoyed the process and am happy with the results. There is a hidden gag for my most faithful and observant Jazz Pickles, too. Hope you can find it. (more…)

Against the Wall

bz panel 09-07-13storebz strip 09-07-13storeBizarro is brought to you today by Hell On Earth.

This cartoon is meant to be about stores in general that broadcast TV commercials where everyone is beautiful and happy. But with the overweight old guy greeting customers and the badly-dressed, obese customer, it distinctly resembles a Walmart. (For my European and Asian readers, that’s a chain of stores the size of an indoor soccer stadium that sell everything you can imagine: clothes, appliances, electronics, furniture, carpets, shoes, tools, soap, prepackaged and fresh foods, guns, ammo, tires, sporting equipment, prescription drugs, you name it. They have prices so low that they drive all of the independently owned stores in the community out of business, then the owners and employees of those stores typically have to work for Walmart, because all of the other jobs are gone and they can no longer afford to shop anywhere else. Sort of American capitalism’s version of debtor’s prison.) (more…)