bz panel 09-04-13pantsbz strip 09-04-13pantsbz panel 09-05-13shoesbz strip 09-05-13shoesbz panel 09-06-13clarkbz strip 09-06-13clarkBizarro is brought to you today by The Women of Idaho.

I’m way behind on the blog this week, Jazz Pickles, because I’ve been hammering on cartoons all week so I could get out of town this weekend. I’m going to Sacramentos to do a little comedy show at a restaurant (see previous post) and I hope some of you will be there! (more…)

SEE ME LIVE! (rhymes with “jive” or “give”, your choice)

Hey, almighty Jazz Pickles! I’ll be doing a short comedy show for you this Sunday afternoon at a restaurant in Sacramento, California!

Join me for lunch, watch me doing whatever it is that I decide to do to disturb everyone else’s lunch, meet me one-on-one before and afterwards, and have me sign stuff. I’ll be selling Bizarro trading cards, books, and color prints, or you can bring something you already own for me to sign. I’m not picky where I put my name Or, you can just watch the comedy and get a picture with me, which I promise will be appropriate for you to post on FB. (Unless you specifically request something obscene.) (more…)

Scary Cotton

bz panel 09-03-13ghostbz strip 09-03-13ghostsBizarro is brought to you today by Ghosts In Training.

I don’t believe in ghosts or anything supernatural, but if after I die I discover that I do have the ability to haunt people, I’m definitely going to wear a bed sheet with eye holes cut out of it. The look on people’s faces when confronted with a howling bed sheet in the middle of the night would be priceless. Horror? Confusion? Amusement? A strobe of all three would be best, as far as I’m concerned. (more…)


bz panel 09-02-13bz strip 09-02-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Hot Chicks.

This gag by my buddy and collaborator, Andy Cowan, seems appropriate in light of the recent scandals regarding Manning and Snowden. Up until a few years ago I followed politics pretty closely and got just as aggravated as everyone else. In self defense, I abandoned following politics any more than I have to because it was ruining my peace. I now am only aware of major headlines that stick around for months; the sort of stuff I cannot avoid hearing about in social conversations. So while I’m anything but an expert on current politics, I’m not a fan of the U.S. government’s invasion of its own citizen’s privacy in the name of “security”. In my view, the world is a dangerous place and there is no such thing as complete security. In a free society, we take our chances. Every time I have to take my shoes off to board a plane or put my belongings in a clear plastic bag of a predetermined size (NFL stadiums are now requiring this of fans at games, too) I say to myself, the terrorists have won: they’ve taken our freedom.  (more…)

Fighting Words

Bizarro 09-01-13 WEB










(To achieve a greater sense of bigness, click the ghost at the top of the slide.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Well-Groomed Trees.

When I was a child, we fought over whose dad was tougher. The biggest problem with that schoolyard activity is that unless your dad is the town drunk or an unmitigated jackass, it’s pretty hard to get him to show up to fight another kid’s dad to prove it. (more…)