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One can easily understand how a weather forecast can be wrong; no matter how scientific you get, it is hard to predict the future (except in cases of what the NRA will say about the latest public shooting).  But what I cannot understand is how a supposedly “live” weather feed on my computer can be 10 or 12 degrees off on the temperature RIGHT NOW. It’s currently 89˚ outside, the forecast was for 79˚, and my computer says it’s currently 79˚ outside. What good is a service that is this inaccurate? I’ve come to the conclusion that weather reports, especially forecasts, are little more than placebos. (more…)

Wasted Wood

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The last time I did a cartoon about talking trees, I got some email from readers who didn’t get it. This time I’m hoping the joke is self explanatory. Needless to say, I’m no fan of “Two and a Half Men,” which for those of you tuning in from an underground camp in Antarctica, is a sitcom on some American TV network. If you happen to be a fan, I hope I have not offended you. I don’t hate you, just that show. (more…)

Rex Me Up

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Over the weekend, Klamelda and I went to a big fundraiser here in LA sponsored by the Derby Dolls: a women’s roller derby league. It was held in several large warehouse spaces and the parking lots of said buildings. They had circus performers and various other sideshow kinds of things, as well as an exhibition match between two derby teams. It was a blast. (more…)

Storming Stuff

Bizarro 07-14-13 WEB(Want a bigger cartoon? Click the hole in the guillotine.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Holiday Perspectives.

Today is Bastille Day, an important holiday in France commemorating the day back in old-timey-times when the ugly, dirty people in Paris stormed the prison, released some even dirtier and uglier people, and then went around chopping off the heads of good-looking, clean people. Or at least, that’s what it looked like in a movie I saw about it once. It was black and white. I think they recently made a movie about the same thing with a lot of songs in it. (more…)