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If you enjoy watching people squirt things from their bodies, this sport is for you. My good friend and colleague, Dan McConnell, conceived of this cartoon during a visit to the alternate-world of hallucinations in which he spends most of his time these days. (A word to the wise, discount LSD is not always a good thing. You get what you pay for.) In McC’s exciting, inner world, men give birth instead of women and they’ve made a sport of it. Of course they did. That’s what we men do, even in McC’s catawampus world. For more about McC, check out his Front-of-your-head-book page. (more…)

Relative Abuse

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Chimp intelligence has long been a subject of intense study by us humans. There is a book by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Jared Diamond, called The Third Chimpanzee in which, among other amazing, fascinating scientific and historical observations, he makes a case for considering humans a third kind of chimpanzee (alongside the Common Chimpanzee and the Bonobo) rather than a whole new category of super-special, divinely-ordained, non-animal creatures. This book was seminal in forming my world view and I can’t recommend it highly enough. I agree with his assessment wholeheartedly and you can see evidence in the remarkable similarities of not only our bodies (around 99% identical DNA) but also our social behavior. (more…)

Pop Pop Fizz Fizz

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Yesterday I alerted my entire jar of international Jazz Pickles of a case of theft of one of my cartoons. I posted the link to the site which was posting my cartoon with the signature and copyright removed and asked you to express your dissapointment. Thanks to you, dear JPs, they’ve now replaced the art with the proper version with full attribution (with my permission.) Let this be a lesson to us all; together, the power of the Jazz Pickle jar can do ANYTHING!  I suggest our next target be getting the Kardashians off the air and out of the press for good. Maybe even exiled. Hmm. (more…)

Noah Logic

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I’ve already gotten a few questions about this cartoon so I’ll ‘splain it. Clowns are famous for emerging in large numbers out of very tiny cars. So a clown Noah…

If you still don’t get it, blame my known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh, with whom I collaborated on this cartoon. Among the many wonderful things that Wayno and I share is a repulsion for actual clowns and an affinity for clown cartoons. He does his own ‘splainin’ about this here cartoon here.   Of the points he makes therein, my favorite is that an ark this size is just as likely to carry two of every species on earth as one of the size prescribed in the Bible. I smiled broadly. (more…)

Sunday Punnies #32

Bizarro 09-29-13 WEBBizarro 09-29-13 Hdr WEB(Want to see it big? Click Cindy Brady’s bangs.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Inscrutable Sudoku.

Welcome to my daily blog, Jazz Pickles and newcomers. If you’re here for the first time, chances are you want to submit an original pun for me to illustrate in a future edition of my Sunday Punnies series. In this edition, congrats go to Blues Doctor Julie Hill, Dan Kidney, and Frank Ramos. Here are the simple rules for participation: (more…)