Demon Alcohol

bz panel 08-09-13bz strip 08-09-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Logic.

Even though I’m an occasional performer, I’m actually an introvert. That is to say that I get sapped of my energy when socializing and regenerate it by being alone. Extroverts are the opposite. So even though I go out of my way to avoid prolonged exposure to extroverts like our good buddy, Mike, here (on buses, planes, etc.) I do, however, enjoy the occasional brief encounter with eccentric oddballs like this. I find this kind of person fascinating for about five minutes, then I have to run away and recover. Like Superman with Kryptonite, overly talkative people make me tired and weak.









Bz panel 03-30-06 beer kidsCLASSICS CORNER: This isn’t a “corner” and the cartoons I’m posting aren’t necessarily “classic” but whatever. If any of you Jazz Pickles have a suggestion for what I should call this part of my post, please let me know.

Today’s Bizarro from the archives is about another eccentric who presumably enjoys his barroom beverages as much as Mike.

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Forever Silent

bz panel 08-08-13bz strip 08-08-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Tragic Mistake.

Here’s a gag that is a collaboration with my pal and cartoon colleague, Dan McConnell. I like the simple concept behind this gag, that the mime spends eternity much the way he spent life––trapped inside an invisible box.

In my CLASSIC CORNER today, I feature a cartoon I did back in 2012 with a similar concept, but without the hands in the invisible box position. I like this newer version and think it is different enough to use it even though it touches on ground I’ve been to before. Check out Dan’s FB page for more of his work.








CLASSICS CORNER: Like I said panel 08-17-12 mime WEB

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Probing Question

bz panel 08-07-13bz strip 08-07-13Bizarro am brang to you today by Dangerous Fruit.

My daughter, Krelspeth and her man (my boyfriend-in-law), Klarf, are visiting me this week in L.A. so I’m a bit behind on blog postings. I hope this has not caused any of my six readers undue anxiety.

We’ve had a fun week together and have not experienced a single alien probing, unlike our unfortunate farmer man in this cartoon. He is lucky, however, that he is about to be probed by the iProd 5, which is much slimmer and more comfortable than previous models. Of course, the old charger won’t work on it because it has a different size port, which is annoying.








CLASSICS CORNER: From the dank dungeon of my archives comes this cartoon from 2008 about aliens and Bigfoot. If I may be so immodest, I’d like to say that I still love this gag. You might notice in this cartoon is the original Bizarro Bunny of Exuberance, which evolved into its current look not long after this cartoon was published.bizarro 10-05-08 Bigfoot Alien WEB


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