Sunday Punnies #31

Bizarro 08-11-13 WEB










(To witness this cartoon grow before your eyes, click the wizard’s undies.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by You Kids Get Off Of My Lawn!

Welcome to the 31th installment of Bizarro’s Sunday Punnies, the cartoons which come from puns donated by readers. This week, we congratulate Jazz Pickles Bradley Ward, T. Filice, and Alex. There are no words for the pride they feel today.


1. Leave your pun in the comments section of this (or any) post. YOU WILL NOT SEE YOUR PUN SUGGESTION APPEAR IN THE COMMENTS SECTION because I don’t want to ruin the fun for readers if I should choose it.

2. Tell me how you’d like to be credited. Anything goes, other than “obscenities,” a concept I don’t believe in but most people do and I like to keep this blog “safe” for kids for commercial reasons.

3. Bury a frying pan in your yard at midnight of the next full moon. Trace a circle around the site three times with a birch branch and repeat these words: “Oh waddagoo siam.”

That’s all there is to it, Jazz Pickles. Put on your thinking caps and get crackin’!Bizarro 08-11-13 hedr



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Coulro Me Phobic

bz panel 08-10-13bz strip 08-10-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Nightmare Meal.

I have often claimed on this blog to be afraid of clowns, but actually I have not been since I was kid. But being afraid of a strangely dressed stranger seems like a logical choice for a child. As an adult, I avoid clowns but it’s because I’m just not comfortable interacting with someone who is comfortable being a clown in public. (How people dress or act at home is their own business.) It’s probably the introvert/extrovert thing again.

I don’t know any actual coulrophobics, nor have I ever witnessed one being confronted by a clown. Do they scream and run? Freeze and quake? Go into clownaphylactic shock? I wonder if there are any videos on YouTube of someone getting freaked out by a clown? I’m not being sarcastic or flippant, I’m actually curious.

bz 01-11-08 clown






CLASSICS CORNER: (Yes, I know this is a lousy name but I’ve not renamed this section yet as suggestions are still coming in. Stay tuned.)

Today’s elderly comic is from ’08 and deals with the same topic as the cartoon and copy above, as you an see. Why am I telling you this?


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Demon Alcohol

bz panel 08-09-13bz strip 08-09-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Logic.

Even though I’m an occasional performer, I’m actually an introvert. That is to say that I get sapped of my energy when socializing and regenerate it by being alone. Extroverts are the opposite. So even though I go out of my way to avoid prolonged exposure to extroverts like our good buddy, Mike, here (on buses, planes, etc.) I do, however, enjoy the occasional brief encounter with eccentric oddballs like this. I find this kind of person fascinating for about five minutes, then I have to run away and recover. Like Superman with Kryptonite, overly talkative people make me tired and weak.









Bz panel 03-30-06 beer kidsCLASSICS CORNER: This isn’t a “corner” and the cartoons I’m posting aren’t necessarily “classic” but whatever. If any of you Jazz Pickles have a suggestion for what I should call this part of my post, please let me know.

Today’s Bizarro from the archives is about another eccentric who presumably enjoys his barroom beverages as much as Mike.

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