bz panel 09-20-13bz strip 09-20-13Bizarro is brought to you this time by Bat-stache.

I’m still behind on blog posts as you will note from the date of this cartoon and the fact that it is now four days later. But I shall persist and hopefully catch up sometime before the end of this week. Definitely before the end of this year, however.

I like the idea of Bruce Wayne naming everything he owns after himself as a prequel to his obsession with naming everything “Bat-something” after he began running around Gotham City in a dance belt and leotards. The bike in this cartoon is drawn from a bike I now own, which belonged to my father when he was a boy. It’s a 1948 Schwinn Streamliner. Except for a bit of rust (my own neglect) it’s in terrific shape. I rescued it from my grandparents’ garage in the late 80s and rode it regularly up until the late 90s when I retired it to hang on a wall in my living room.





Schwinn WEBHere’s the pic I took of it in my driveway as reference for this cartoon.  The handlebars are turned sideways so it fits against a wall. Does this bit of trivia interest anyone?






PREHISTARROS: Today’s veteran cartoon from 2003 has nothing to do with the topic above but it’s long been one of my faves and I thought it might tickle a pickle or two. Dyslexic Proctologist WEBWhen I first submitted this, there was some concern that some newspapers would choose not to run it because it (GASP!) refers to a part of the human anatomy that reminds us we are mammals, which, apparently, most humans hate to think about. It was not rejected by any of my client papers, however, but I did get a letter from the parent of a dyslexic child who thought it was out of line. I hope that dyslexia was the child’s only disability and he did not also inherit his mother’s lack of a sense of humor.

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Jiffy Paint

bz panel 09-19-13bz strip 09-19-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Poop Deck.

I love this gag but it presented some problems when illustrating it. I wanted it to look like a booth at a street fair or whatever, but drawing a street fair behind a scene that is already a little bit visually complex is a big pain in the duel-orb area below my tramp stamp and likely would complicate the image unnecessarily. So I left the background blank on the vertical version and just suggested the framework with the sign posts. But in the strip version, there seemed to be too much blank space so I decided to add some half-walls to close it in. It’s still weird to have the empty booths next to Jiffy Artist’s booth but it will have to do. I don’t mind drawing complex cartoons if there is some fun to be had in the details but this one didn’t seem worth it. I didn’t want to distract from the main gag. Do you care? Likely not and I don’t blame you.

I’ve never been a street artist but I’ve always thought maybe I could fall back on it someday if I was really in a bind, like if the newspaper industry went completely belly up and people still weren’t willing to pay for subscriptions to my work online and I was facing living in a cardboard box behind the Goodwill.

BYGONE BIZARRO: Here’s a fun little Sunday comic from 1998 that I’ve had in mind for some time but couldn’t find. I tripped over it while chasing a large rat through my archival dungeon this morning so I thought I’d share it with my pickles. It’s my attempt at tromp l’oeil in a newspaper cartoon. I don’t know if anyone else has ever tried this before, or since, for that matter. bizaroo 01-11-98 SundayComics

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Hummus Birds

Bizarro 09-22-13 WEB Bizarro 09-22-13 hdr WEB










(To address the desire to see this picture grow more biggified, click the alien spacecraft disguised as a BBQ.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Requirements.

When sketching this gag, I thought to myself, “What kind of backyard should I draw?” I quickly decided to draw the backyard of my parents house in Tulsa. It’s where I grew up, of course. I must say that even though I did it entirely from memory, it looks pretty damned accurate. My parents have added a screened-in porch now but this is pretty much the way it looked for many years. I should hasten to add that that is not my mother standing at the doorway. At least, it doesn’t look much like her. My mother is is well over six feet tall, African American, and wears very long dreadlocks.

Speaking of dreadlocks, or “protein turds” as I have been known to call them, I have mixed emotions about them. I support the freedom of each person to wear their hair however they like but dreadlocks on non-blacks, tend to look like the stuff cats occasionally puke up that we humans call “hair balls.” I don’t mind the look of long, snaky hair at a distance, but when I get up close and realize they are not braids but long, lumpy strings of matted hair, I experience an unpleasantness at gazing upon them.

bz 11-10-10 hippie WEBThe title panel today, used in some newspapers alongside my cartoon, was created from the weekday cartoon from 2010, shown at left. For my foreign readers who may not be familiar with the colloquialism it plays off of, super macho he-man types will sometimes say, “You want a piece of me?!” while leaning toward the object of their adolescent posturing and holding their arms out slightly like the gentleman depicted here, in an apparent attempt to invite the object of their intimidation to hit them. As for myself, I have never been tempted to use this phrase on another person and would not unless I were made of chocolate.

P.S. Thanks to all my Jazz Pickles for the numerous kind words you offered earlier this week when I was having a rough time. I really appreciated it. I missed posting several cartoons last week because I didn’t feel up to it but will get back to them in the next hours or days, as I find time to work them into my schedule.

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